Engineering Services

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Through our dynamic experience & expertise of Global Partners, we give multi-disciplinary engineering services, not limited to, in the following sectors.


In energy & power sector we deal in Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) of following:
Light/heavy duty Diesel Gensets & Auxiliaries.

  • Small & medium Hydel Turbines & Auxiliaries.
  • Solar Power units for domestic & Industrial use.
  • Boilers for Industrial & Power Generation.
  • Heat exchangers for Industrial Applications.
  • Industrial Pumping systems.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants.
  • Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels.


Major Overhauling, Breakdown maintenance of all type of Diesel Gensets.
Overhauling & shutdown maintenance of Hydel Turbine sets.
Repair & Maintenance of Solar Power units for domestic & Industrial applications.
Repair & Maintenance of Industrial pumping systems.
Repair & Maintenance of Reverse Osmosis Plants. Maintenance & Overhauling of Heavy-duty pumps & compressors.
Repair & Maintenance of Overhead cranes & Hydraulic machinery.
Over-Hauling, Rewinding, Heavy Duty HT Motors, Alternators


Our services include load calculations, HVAC design and equipment selection for projects. Our site team is expert in the installation and maintenance of split and package ACs, FCUs, AHUs, FAHUs, heat and cool units, Installation & maintenance of Chilled water system and accessories. We offer installation and maintenance work of entire ventilation systems within projects. We supply extract fan systems and kitchen exhaust systems. We are experts in complete duct fabrication, modification of existing ducts and installation including complete accessories of ducting systems for both GI and Pl Ducts.


• Construction of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building (RCC Framework & Bricks).
• Construction & Waterproofing of basements, Retaining Walls and Top Roof.
• Construction of Water Retaining Structure, Reservoir & Aqueduct.
• Construction of Road Pavement, Open Car Park, Pathways. Installation of Kurb stone,
• Interlock tiles, tuff tiles.
• Construction of Boundary Wall & Heavy Industrial I Machine Foundation.
• Construction of boundary fencing.
• Construction of Monolith flooring & Industrial Hard Standing Floor.
• Plastering, painting, flooring & tiling, Gypsum I plywood partitioning & False ceiling.


We understand the importance of fire safety in protecting lives of your personnel, assets, & continuity of your business. We provide high-performance fire safety systems giving you the competitive edge in today’s industry. Entrust your facility’s fire protection system design, contractor services, and suppression systems to VIZTECH, and let our qualified personnel assist you through out the project. We offer following services, when it comes to Firefighting: Fire sprinkler system design, Installation & Inspection.
Design & selection of most appropriate Fire pump. Layout & installation ofFirefighting pipeline network. Installation & testing of Fire Alarm system, Heat & smoke detectors Installation of Fire cabinets& Fire doors.


We offer complete range of plumbing services including supply, installation & maintenance Toilet accessories, Drainage system, Pumping & pipeline systems.


• Metal fabrication, sheet metal works.
• Pipe Fabrication Structural Fabrication
• Welding I Erection.
• Fabrication & Installation of Industrial sheds.


We offer a range of engineering services to undertake complete management of building assets such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical Systems, Fire Control and Fire Fighting, Critical Engineering, Access Control, CCTV, Utilities and Infrastructure. Our Technical operations teams are well qualified and trained to diagnose and provide preventive planned & corrective maintenance support on a 24×7 basis.