About us

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About Us

We promise to provide you with real value, outstanding service & exceptional performance regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

AAKGROUP ENGINEERING Pvt.Ltd. is a multidisciplinary engineering solution provider company based in Islamabad-Pakistan.
We are everywhere you need us to be. Our staff and qualified vendors get the job done right. Our business approach makes working with us all the more convenient. From maintenance solutions to project management to procurement to facility management, we are your one source for comprehensive technical solutions.
We are a kind of engineering company where we believe in providing technical solutions to our clients in an innovative way ensuring both energy & cost efficiencies.
What makes us unique, is the implementation of modern work methodology whereby we deliver the t and skill enhancement of our staff, as market growth is quite rapid and customer’s satisfaction is our key target.

Our Vision

As a growing company, we eye ourselves to be in the limelight spectrum of prominent service providers in industry-known for our dedication to excellence in everything we do. We look forward to introduce a unique portfolio of engineering management solutions and influence transformation in the process of delivering technical services with excellence, innovation and leadership.


Our Mission

To bring the industry a new standard of quality, craftsmanship, saftey and technical support at a competitive price, while making customer satisfaction our top priority. To work diligently to ensure our clients that their project has our full attention and absolute focus at all its stages. To foster work environment supporting professional development, individual proficiency and team integrity.


Our Values

We believe Core values of our company are embedded in the 7Ps below:
•:Perform a nee
•:Positive Attitude
•:Personnel Development


Quality Assurance

The management and all who work at AAKGROUP are committed to providing the highest possible level of service in satisfying the requirements of their customers, supplier and sub-contractors alike. This level of service is achieved through quality management and the adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the company to all business relationships. In order to assure that AAKGROUP attains excellence in all its activities, we have implemented a formal quality management system which satisfies the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 :2015 and our process to get the certification in undergoing.


Health, Safety & Enviornment

When it comes to HSE Our Philosophy is that a successful project not only brings in material gains but is also friendly to Public, Asset & Environment

AAKGROUP management is committed to providing quality services in a manner that ensures safe & healthy workplace for employees and minimizes potential impact on the environment. AAKGROUP implements Health, Safety & Environment policy by:

  • Controlling the health and safety risks at work through risk assessment.
  • Making sure that dangerous & hazardous substances are stored, used and disposed of in a safe environmentally friendly manner.
  • Making sure that employees, especially new employees, have relevant information and training on health, safety & environment policy.
  • Encouraging employees to identify & highlight “unsafe” acts happening on the workplace.
  • Integrating the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into our decision making and activities.
  • Promoting environmental awareness among employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.